展期: 2022/04/01 Fri. – 2022/06/30 Thu.
Duration: 2022/04/01 Fri. – 2022/06/30 Thu.

開幕: 2022/04/01 Fri. 8 pm
Opening: 2022/04/01 Fri. 8 pm

地點: Cactus Bar
Venue: Cactus Bar

策展人: 酒恩
Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Alice Tsai

隨著時間推移,我形成了兩種獨特的風格,代表人類性格的二元面。明亮的白色背景,水墨畫般的疊染,帶有仿若樹枝山丘的筆觸,源於我的東方文化,傳達午後暖陽般難以捉 摸、溫柔淡默的情戚。東方水墨文化的微妙之美在於以大量留白,以最少與輕巧解釋最 多,保留畫面的乾淨與呼息,仍具有故事渲染力和效果。


輪迴系列的目的是探索內在宇宙,包括光明面和黑暗面。探索包括心理健康、冥想、覺 知、集體意識、潛意識等方面。從外部世界收到的信息可能是累積與滲透性的,前世的糾葛直至此生的牽纏,與來生終將的釋然,而許多冥冥之中我們甚至沒有意識到這—些。儘管我們渴望掩埋負面思考,但情緒可能會在意想不到的情況下,在現實中以其他形狀爆 發,或者在夢境中幻化成各種多元解釋的符號。

在黑暗系列中,我想捕捉本質,而不是完全詳述人物,留下未盡或缺失的四肢和五官。我想保留在破壞、重組、建構之間所有力量的呈現。Mark Tennant 曾說過:「所有好的藝術都是關於真正的克制。」知道何時停止與在何處添加同樣重要。

在我的抽象畫作中尋找獨特的聲音軌道,並以此同頻連結他人,是—輩子的渴望。對人性的敏銳關懷和理性觀察,以沈穩應對這萬千世界的內外紛擾,從中找到療癒自己與他人的秩序性方法,這便是藝術治療(Art Therapy)之美。我想見證透過抽象能體現多少內心的獨白,並最終與他人建立聯繫,戚動與療癒他人。這系列每幅畫都佐—段文字,可以慢慢細讀。而非語言的多角度詮釋,永遠都有更深—層空間。

Over time, I have developed two distinctive styles, that represent the binary sides of my personality. The bright white background-based paintings, with strokes, originated and inspired by my eastern culture, which conveys the elusive and gentle emotions. I find the subtle beauty of Asian culture still attractive and effective when telling a good story.

Opposing to white comes the second style, which is a lot darker, often black background based, bold and intense marks filled with contagious strong emotions and hints of figures, sometimes torsos or faces. Immersion in a new culture has made me able to perceive and jump back and forth between the eastern and western worlds.

With the dark series, I want to capture the essence, not to fully render the figures, instead leaving limbs and extremities unfinished or entirely absent. The academic training made tend to get extreme on rendering, which sometimes results in pulling eyes away from the action, and even destroys the overall effect. I want to finish in the right place at the right time. Mark Tennant once said, “All the good art is about real restraint.” Knowing when to stop is as important as where to add.

The purpose of my “Incarnation” project is to explore the inner universe, including both the light side and the dark side. Exploration includes mental well-being, illness, meditation, subconscious and more aspects. The messages that we receive from the outside world can be overwhelming without even realizing it. As much as we desire to bury the negative influences, they would most likely burst in other shapes in reality when unexpected, or transform into various symbols in our dreams. I manage to capture the essence and aesthetic of the collective symbols by using oil paint. Creating artwork has always been my outlet to deal with emotions. It has become a truthful way for me to be completely honest and naked with who I am and where I am in life. I have developed multiple systematical methods and genuinely wish to help others with art therapy.



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