The Encounter

Duration: 2022/07/05 Thu. – 2022/09/30 Fri.

Opening: 2022/07/08 Fri. 2:30 pm

Venue: Cactus Bar

Material: Giclée

Quantity: 11 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Yu-Ting Zheng

Associated with Cactus Bar

Have you ever been in love? Love is heavy. Most of the time, it gives us anger, anxiety, and disappointment, but at other times, it brings us happiness and accompanies it. Moreover, it helps us to find our partners to rely on and talk to.

Yu-Ting Zheng is a young illustrator that started her painting career path in 2021 by drawing her friends and lover. “The Encounter,” tells the stories about Yu-Ting and her boyfriend. They had met each other at high school and had been in a relationship for more than three years. Since high school, they had been to many places and had dreamed of the future together. In one of the drawings, they had married on the beach, handing their hands, showing their happiness with their smile. Additionally, in the other drawing, they had moved to Paris, walked on the street, and tried to have a new life.

In this exhibition, the bartender of Cactus Bar created ten cocktails based on the stories of painting and the feeling of the designs when they saw them. Besides, the customer could send photos to Yu-Ting about their love stories. She would paint the illustration based on them, welcome them to the lounge and celebrate valentine’s day.