The Monster

Duration: 2020/11/27 – 2020/12/13

Opening: 2020/11/27 Fri. 3 pm

Venue: Draft Land & Daily by Draft Land

Material: Mix Materials

Quantity: 18 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Happy Bird Days

Associated with Drinks Lab

Sponsored by OVO Toilet

The monster appeared in the East End! Cross-border cooperation between Draft Land and art curator Alcohol Neal, accessible exploration of the inner world in bars【 The Monsters 】 Pop-up art solo exhibition.

La Fiesta Taiwan, an exhibition curatorial team that tries to place works of art in a space close to life so that viewing works of art can be very relaxed, led the illustrator Happy Bird Days to occupy Draft Land, one of the top 50 bars in Asia. The artist uses the monsters in the creation to place them in all corners of Draft Land. Through clues, the viewer will go on an adventure to find the inner world and share each other’s imagination of freedom with their expressions so that artistic creation and cocktails can stir up different sparks. Art viewing can also be very life-like.

Curator Alcohol Neal and illustrator Happy Bird Days jointly presented different ideas in Draft Land, hoping to convey various freedoms. The best way to find oneself is to pull away from reality first. After understanding one’s own heart, keep the original intention to face this society, through the solid colors and the same monsters interspersed and colliding in the works to render the entire picture so that everyone can get rid of the shackles of invisible inner pressure, and use creation to “convey the beauty and find inner freedom” and Draft Land brand spirit “To be free”-“True freedom is the freedom after knowing oneself, and it is balanced. The freedom is to drink a cup of freedom most suitable for your current moment.” The heart of freedom you want to convey coincides with the spirit of freedom. Through the search for monster games, the audience can experience the stories and ideas that the exhibition seeks to share in sequence, and they can also find the heart of freedom in their hearts during the exploration of the game!

Draft Land is Asia’s first Draft Cocktail Bar to “live the cocktail.” It continues to explore the possibility of cross-border cooperation in various fields. Through the goal of cocktails in life, it implements the brand spirit of “To be free.” This time, it provides all kinds of alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktail-style drinks so that enjoying cocktails can be easy and burden-free. Find a corner you like and relax and enjoy the feeling of being slightly drunk. It’s like a haven in a city. When it’s late at night, even though you have a tired body from hard work all day, you can walk in by yourself, order a cocktail of your own, reorganize your body, mind, and spirit, and set off again.

Happy Bird Days uses multiple repetitive techniques to replicate the characters of the same style and different colors in the picture. They represent diverse roles, reflecting that we may be pretty inconspicuous in life, but it also tells us how special we are. He hopes to convey such a message through such simple and joyful paintings! This time La Fiesta Taiwan not only exhibited the works in Draft Land but also quietly put the creation in the new daytime brand Daily by Draft Land, which opened this year. He hopes to use scenes from various locations and match them with relaxing and comfortable bathhouses to convey his feelings about the surroundings.

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