The First: Under the Covid-19

Duration: 2020/06/12 – 2020/06/28

Opening: 2020/06/12

Venue: SELF Bar

Material: Giclée

Quantity: 4 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Jimmy Tsai

Associated with SELF Group

The first exhibition of La Fiesta Taiwan, “The First: Under the Covid-19,” started on June 12, 2022. Due to the relationship between an epidemic, many people have been impacted, whether it’s money, work, or mental health. There are a lot of unpleasantness and frightening events going on. Therefore, I like to combine the artwork and lifestyle and invite people to come to the exhibition at this particular time to enjoy the joyful moment.

In this art show, Jimmy used tattoo culture, classical mythology, and current affairs of the epidemic to create four new poster art paintings in a flat style using the wine glasses and colors in the paintings to strongly contrast Jimmy’s life in 2019. Besides, Jimmy outlined how people face inner emotions in different situations through the body language of the women and reflected Taiwanese culture and modern society from the elements in the background. Additionally, these four paintings also serve as a menu.


               Event Cocktails: