Cactus Four Season

《 Four Seasons: Cactus Bar 》I tried to find the four parts of life as our four seasons of life circle: mind, love, time, and born. In spring, people usually find new jobs, projects, and relationships. Besides, they review the past and mind to seize the opportunities to change their life. After that, love comes along. The love birds appear in the street, beach, school, and workplace. In our lives, love not only happens in lovers but also in families and friendships. Time represents our stories. It watches us grow up and accompany us when we are happy, sad, lonely, or angry. After time pass, there is a new life comes. Maybe it is a newborn child or a lifestyle. It makes our dreams come true and lead to the next accomplish.  In summary, although spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the four seasons in the definition, I use four elements of life to represent our life circles.

Although spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the four seasons in the definition, I want to explain it by four parts of life: mind, love, time, and born.

Agency of Water & Grass 20365
2023.01.03 – 2023.04.06



The Stories of Post-Modern Cocktails 
2022.10.04 – 2023.01.03

The works of art representing not only Sasha’s aesthetic views but also talk to the audience about works at a deeper level. This time Sasha selected twenty-three artworks with the theme of meaning and used abstract arts to show personal stories and experiences. Maybe you are watching it differently. Through this feeling, you echo the story of the past. Perhaps it is a happy memory, a sad memory, a dream, or it may just be an unforgettable feeling. We hope that in a short period of spiritual collision, we can bring the audience some reorganization and inspiration in their thoughts, starting from the present, and starting a new self. Sasha, who grew up in Taipei, is similar to many senior collectors…

The Encounter
2022.07.05 – 2022.09.30

Have you ever been in love? Love is heavy. Most of the time, it gives us anger, anxiety, and disappointment, but at other times, it brings us happiness and accompanies it. Moreover, it helps us to find our partners to rely on and talk to. Yu-Ting Zheng is a young illustrator that started her painting career path in 2021 by drawing her friends and lover. “The Encounter,” tells the stories about Yu-Ting and her boyfriend. They had met each other at high school and had been in a relationship for more than three years. Since high school, they had been to many places and had dreamed of the future together. In one of the drawings, they had married on the beach, handing their hands, showing their happiness with their smile…

Incarnation- White & Dark
2022.04.01 – 2022.06.30

Over time, Alice Tsai has developed two distinctive styles that represent the binary sides of her personality. With strokes, the bright white background-based paintings originated and were inspired by her eastern culture, conveying elusive and gentle emotions. Alice still finds the subtle beauty of Asian culture attractive and practical when telling a good story. Opposing white comes to the second style, which is a lot darker, often black background based, bold and intense marks filled with strong contagious emotions and hints of figures, sometimes torsos or faces. Immersion in a new culture has made her able to perceive and jump back and forth between the eastern and western worlds…