The Shallows Above The Ocean of Consciousness

Duration: 2023/03/04 Sat. – 2023/04/30 Sun.

Opening: 2023/03/07 Mon. 01:00 pm

Venue: Maison ACME

Material: Watercolor Painting, Mix Materials

Quantity: 18 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Breeze Shih, Yu-Wei Lin, Gary Chen, Jimmy Tsai

Associated with Maison ACME

To define where is the boundary between dream and reality is the concept Breeze Shih would like to present in this collection. 
In dreams, maybe we were allowed to truly expressing our emotions and desires. Perhaps in dreams, it is the window through which we face our true self deeply and privately. 

This time, the artist would like to use the elements from fashion, and combine ideas with darkness, secretive, and obscure, trying to explore the real wishes that are hidden in the dream. Besides, she would like to ask the audiences and herself, when the idea of beauty goes ultimately, would that still presenting absolute beauty, or loosing the true meaning of beauty. 

Furthermore, after the intrusion of the epidemic, the real world is far more absurd than the content of nightmares. However, light and shadow are always inseparable, similarly with the idea of virtual and real. To conclude in the concept of Breeze, in the most chaotic state, the dawn of truth is more conspicuous, which will be the silver lining we need to grab. That would be the core of the collection she wants to present through watercolor painting.

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