The Friends

Duration: 2021/05/04 – 2021/05/16

Opening: 2021/05/04

Venue: Ooze Bar

Material: Digital Print

Quantity: 18 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artists: Cindy Lee

Associated with Ooze Bar

This exhibition takes nature as the primary theme. Taiwan is full of oceans, and there are mountains and forests on the island, a mixture of humanities and nature. Compared with many parts of the world, Taiwan combines mountains, seas, and urban life. We can travel through insects, birds, and streams in just a few hours, deepening our hearts as time stands still in space. Due to the epidemic, many people have been affected by foreign countries’ local rules and travel inside the island, which makes domestic tourism prevails. People returned to the slow pace of living in the countryside when they were children. The scenery of the moment of holding my breath on the top of the mountain shows nature’s creativity and the virginity of playing with nature.

This time, the art show cooperated with Mud Bar, which opened near MRT Xinyi Anhe Station and Tonghua Night Market at the end of last year (2020) and collected the hearts of Taipei City’s wage slaves. Hoped to allow them to express their emotions and desires after work. Through discussions with the Asian American illustrator Cindy Lee and created the flat-faced artworks, we will use the childishness in the paintings and the affectionate exchanges with nature to outline people’s laughter and cheerfulness and lead you back to your childhood, temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of the city and stress, relax with a glass of wine, and enjoy the nature of the town.

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