The Stories of Post-Modern Cocktails

Duration: 2022/10/04 Tue. – 2023/01/03 Tue.

Opening: 2022/10/03 Mon. 4:00 pm

Venue: Cactus Bar

Material: Oil Painting, Mix Materials

Quantity: 25 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Sasha Lei

Associated with Cactus Bar

The works of art representing not only Sasha’s aesthetic views but also talk to the audience about works at a deeper level. This time Sasha selected twenty-three artworks with the theme of meaning and used abstract arts to show personal stories and experiences. Maybe you are watching it differently. Through this feeling, you echo the story of the past. Perhaps it is a happy memory, a sad memory, a dream, or it may just be an unforgettable feeling. We hope that in a short period of spiritual collision, we can bring the audience some reorganization and inspiration in their thoughts, starting from the present, and starting a new self. Sasha, who grew up in Taipei, is similar to many senior collectors…

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