Agency of Water & Grass 20365

Duration: 2023/01/04 Wed. – 2023/04/03 Mon.

Opening: 2023/01/04 Wed. 6:00 pm

Venue: Cactus Bar

Material: Mix Materials

Quantity: 20 pieces

Curator: Alcohol Neal

Artist: Chen, Ding Fu

Associated with Cactus Bar

“I want to use my work to count down my life!” Artist Chen Ding-Fu re-understands the irreversibility of time and the preciousness of life through natural lacquer. He used natural lacquer to paint Taiwanese culture and landscapes, expressing expectations for the future and commemorating the past. He joined the final chapter of the “Four Seasons Exhibition” held by the gallery bar, Cactus Bar, in the East District of Taipei. During Chen Ding-Fu’s study at the Graduate School of the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese Culture University, he laid the foundation for painting and media selection. He won awards in various domestic craft competitions with natural lacquer creations. Afterwards, he joined the “Chinese Lacquer Painting Society”. He cooperated with Imavision Gallery to participate in many art fairs, including ONE ART TAIPEI, Art Kaohsiung, Art Taichung, and Art Tainan, trying to combine natural lacquer with daily objects. 
So far, Chen Ding-Fu has multiple identities as a teacher and an artist. 

Natural lacquer is active, and its urushiol will combine with the water vapour in the air to solidify, and the colour will become more saturated and brighter as time passes.” Chen Dingfu said that each of the 20 works exhibited this time has a code, counting down his life. When he was young, Chen Dingfu felt that he had a lot of time, but the time was lost bit by bit once he was studying in the university’s Fine Arts Department. When he met art and lacquer, he suddenly felt that life was being eroded by time. Fear and uneasiness emerged, but Chen Ding-Fu suddenly realised that although life cannot last forever, the spirit of art can be recorded and passed on forever, and he started the countdown to a life art project.

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