Art Gallery & Bar

《 La Fiesta X Artist Art Gallery & Bar 》Based on creating the collision of different cultures and connotations between people, combining bars and restaurants, placing works in places according to the concept, creating an immersive experience from hearing, vision, smell, and taste to lead guests into different stories and cultures. Besides working in the art industry, I am keen on going to bars. I believe that the bistro is not only a place for people to drink and have fun but also a place where people can get to know each other, create connections, and do more miracles. Therefore, this series of exhibitions combine the culture and venue of the bar as a connection between people and discusses how to make paintings or artworks become another interesting existence for customers to have a more novel experience or it is a more comfortable feeling, allowing the works and the audience to have a more exciting and contextual interaction between the works of art and people.

The bistro isn't just a place for people to drink and have fun but also where people can get to know each other, create connections, and do more miracles.

Facade Taipei
2022/01/05 – 2022/01/29

On May 2021, the Taiwan government declared a level 3 covid-19 alert, and galleries were prohibited from curating interior exhibitions. Therefore, I started to try to redefine the concepts of gallery space. In the Cambridge Dictionary, “Gallery” refers to a room or building used to display artwork, sometimes for sale. Inspired by the early careers of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and the renowned British Street artist Banksy, I imagined Taipei City as a building exhibiting works of art and not only building the connection between the streets and people’s lives but also bringing the artworks inside peoples’ life. 

2021/11/19 – 2021/12/10

Illusion means an image that arises from fantasy, hallucination, or dream by definition. In this exhibition, Suzy created a series of illusions, represented her childlike and profound self, and took audiences into the magical story, escaping the real world. When you were a child, did you ever fantasize about the future or imagine what you would be doing and what kind of life you would have in the future? We still have illusions about the future when we grow up, but in the meantime, we have also experienced social tempering, and because of that, we have less virginity and more reality. If there was a place that could embrace us when we escaped, or there was a place that we dreamed of in the past, would we go for it?

The Friends
2021/05/04 – 2021/05/16

This exhibition takes nature as the primary theme. Taiwan is full of oceans, and there are mountains and forests on the island, a mixture of humanities and nature. Compared with many parts of the world, Taiwan combines mountains, seas, and urban life. We can travel through insects, birds, and streams in just a few hours, deepening our hearts as time stands still in space. Due to the epidemic, many people have been affected by foreign countries’ local rules and travel inside the island, which makes domestic tourism prevails. People returned to the slow pace of living in the countryside when they were children. The scenery of the moment of holding my breath on the top of the mountain shows nature’s creativity and the virginity of playing with nature…

The Monster
2020/11/27 – 2020/12/13

The monster appeared in the East End! Cross-border cooperation between Draft Land and art curator Alcohol Neal, accessible exploration of the inner world in bars【 The Monsters 】 Pop-up art solo exhibition. La Fiesta Taiwan, an exhibition curatorial team that tries to place works of art in a space close to life so that viewing works of art can be very relaxed, led the illustrator Happy Bird Days to occupy Draft Land, one of the top 50 bars in Asia. The artist uses the monsters in the creation to place them in all corners of Draft Land. Through clues, the viewer will go on an adventure to find the inner world and share each other’s imagination of freedom with their expressions so that artistic creation and cocktails can stir up different sparks. Art viewing can also be very life-like. Curator Alcohol Neal and illustrator Happy Bird Days jointly presented different ideas in Draft Land, hoping to convey various freedoms. The best way to find oneself is to pull away from reality first…

Emotional Entanglement of the Past
2020/11/06 – 2020/11/22

Although people’s lives may constantly be moving forward by their choices and actions, along the way, people will encounter many different men, women, and things that will change the end of their original journey. People feel incomparable happiness with family members’ companionship, hometown care, friends’ help, pets’ protection, and lovers’ sweetness. Still, they also feel great pain because of the departure or betrayal. The heart comes and goes in between, slowly adapting to this society, painting the unfinished painting of life from the strong constraints that are difficult to give up. The curator hopes that Hong Ying’s paintings this time will allow everyone to recall the sweetness and pain of the past. Don’t take anything as a matter of course. Cherish the friends who are still around now, and call those who have not been in touch for a long time. Tell them: I’m back…

Summer of Taiwan: Embrace the Imperfect Character
2020/08/07 – 2020/08/23

Flowers, plants, insects, and animals easily compete and blossom the beauty of life in the survival of the fittest. Human beings with complex brains have slowly forgotten their way back to their inner peace and got lost in the urban jungle of civilization. Taiwan is an island between subtropical and tropical, and the impact of climate change has entered a state of long summer. Unbearable hot and humid climate, crazy low pressure, and scorching sunlight in summer make our bodies feel the sticky feeling brought by humidity and sultry heat, just like the suffering we have from work and people’s words every day. The pressure from colleagues, friends, and families makes us suffocate and unable to breathe. Have we forgotten the most primitive and straightforward appearance? We are bound by society, the secular, the pursuit of fame and fortune, and various additional values. Moreover, we forget to enjoy our appearance, praise the beauty that our parents have provided us, and gradually drown in the eyes of others and are unable to breathe…

The First: Under the Covid-19
2020/06/12 – 2020/06/28

The first exhibition of La Fiesta Taiwan, “The First: Under the Covid-19,” started on June 12, 2022. Due to the relationship between an epidemic, many people have been impacted, whether it’s money, work, or mental health. There are a lot of unpleasantness and frightening events going on. Therefore, I like to combine the artwork and lifestyle and invite people to come to the exhibition at this particular time to enjoy the joyful moment. In this art show, Jimmy used tattoo culture, classical mythology, and current affairs of the epidemic to create four new poster art paintings in a flat style using the wine glasses and colors in the paintings to strongly contrast Jimmy’s life in 2019. Besides, Jimmy outlined how people face inner emotions in different situations through the body language of the women and reflected Taiwanese culture and modern society from the elements in the background. Additionally, these four paintings also serve as a menu…